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Company news

What bank notes can not you use for paying for the purchase starting from October 1, 2020?

Attention, please!

From October 1, 2020, all old paper bank notes put into circulation before 2003 will stop to be a means of payment and will be withdrawn from circulation.

The same is for 25 …

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Avrora Sport Fishing Festival

Maintaining good health is one of the goals of sustainable development actively developed at Avrora.

And our friendly Avrora Sport team knows how to achieve the goal, mixing work with pleasure (In…

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«Avrora Sport» - is a movement among friends

"Avrora" is a team of like-minded people who want to change this world for the better. And we do it in different ways, one of them is sports.

We run, play team games and travel. We alway…

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Social responsibility of «Avrora». We set goals for 2020

«To create your world» is one of the values of «Avrora». How to do this, and not to hurt someone with another point of view? Take responsibility for it!

The corporate socia…

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Learn Safely

Soon, most educational institutions will be filled with laughter and running around.
But this year things are a little different.
Safe learning environments come to the fore
And protective masks a…

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