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Avrora and the Light of Hope - a Successful Case for Social Interaction

This year the company 'Avrora' in the framework of its social activities closely cooperates with the Charity Organization 'Light of Hope'. This is one of the largest charitable organization in Poltava, which works in several directions: youth, training and production and consulting centers, a shelter for women, an adaptation center for homeless people and those released from prison, a department of public health programs and a penitentiary department.

'Avrora' recently donated financial aid to 'the Light of Hope' women's shelter. These funds will be used to create a crisis room and renovate the day center. They will update the shower room, install stretch ceilings and partially equip the outer area with a metal profile to create a safe place.

'Our company is socially responsible. The activities of the shelter are a clear manifestation of support for gender equality. 'It is also especially important for us, because a significant number of Avrora employees are women and we, as a responsible employer, support the development and career growth of our employees. Most of the company's management is also women: successful, intelligent and sensitive. Therefore, this position contributes to supporting the company's priority sustainable development goals, which are implemented in the form of specific social projects in local communities, 'said Olga Pravda, HR Director of Avrora chain of stores.

This is not the only social initiative implemented in close cooperation between Avrora and Light of Hope. On the occasion of the International Children's Day, our team donated gifts to the wards of the crisis center of a charitable organization, where women who find themselves in difficult life circumstances temporarily live and receive comprehensive assistance. Children received educational and active games, sets for creativity, children's dishes and sweets, and mothers were given cosmetic sets from Avrora multimarket products.

In addition, in July we donated furniture and the first batch of collected items from the Shelf of Goodness for the needs of the wards of the Light of Hope.

'We have got 4 extra comfortable study tables and chairs for them. And now our children will be able to fully study and practice for comfortable furniture. And also we received a lot of things that will always find their owners here. Once again, we are proud of this social business! 'Thank you for your constant support and not indifference, 'said Elena Chikurova, head of the women's shelter.

Another area of ​​cooperation is the production of souvenirs for Avrora people who are actively involved in sports. At the Charity Organization 'Light of Hope' there is a public union 'Social Enterprise Training and Production Center '. Clients of the Adaptation Center, persons released from prison, internally displaced persons and women in difficult life circumstances work here. By order of Avrora Sport, they sewed and branded a batch of sports merch. As a result, we received high-quality merch for Avrora Sport and supported social production. Here is such a wonderful example of Win-Win interaction with a socially significant mission.

Now the signing of a memorandum and the implementation of other projects are being prepared within the framework of a partnership agreement with Charity organization 'the Light of Hopе'.