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To think globally — to act locally

As part of the start of the training program 'Youth will change Ukraine - Poltava region', which is implemented with the support of 'Avrora' company, the President of the Bohdan Havrylyshyn Family Foundation Khrystyna Havrylyshyn visited Poltava. Taking this opportunity, we invited Christina to our support office, where she gave a lecture on 'Corporate Responsibility: The European Experience' for all comers. The lecture was accompanied by an equally interesting block of questions and answers. Then we took a tour of the office and presented the CSR strategy of 'Avrora' company.

The next day, the Poltava Museum of Local Lore hosted the opening of the program 'Youth will change Ukraine - Poltava region' for 60 participants.

For already the second year, our company is the main partner and sponsor of the program, supporting community development and investing in the future - in youth, its ideas and projects.

'We believe that if we unite ordinary people, without nepotism and connections, we give them the opportunity to 'dream brightly', as Bohdan Havrylyshyn said, then they and we will succeed. We want communities to develop in Poltava region, entrepreneurs and new producers to appear. That they deliver their goods to 'Avrora' chain and very soon we will be happy to see at least 75% of Ukrainian products in our stores, 'said Lev Zhidenko, Chairman of the Board of Directors of  'Avrora' chain of stores, at the opening of the program.

Taras Panasenko, General Director of 'Aurora' chain of stores, also spoke at the opening.

The training continued the next day for smaller groups in the format of three local development schools in Myrhorod, Pyriatyn and the village of Petrivka, Chutiv district. These locations were chosen based on the results of a vote of local residents, who thus won the right to conduct training in their communities.

Two Avrora members were also selected to participate in the program 'Youth will change Ukraine - Poltava region'.

'This is an important initiative for the future of Ukraine. I decided to join because I feel the strength to change something in Ukraine, - said the employee of 'Avrora' Evgen Rochev. - Very cool community and very positive participants. I passed the selection with the project of an open space of the weekend, where you can come with your child and do something with her, with your own hands.

'The project makes me think about things that I didn't focus on before. My key goal of participation is to meet caring, active people with a desire to make changes, added Anna Prykhodchenko:

During the month, the participants will continue the educational part of the program in local schools, development and implementation of their own ideas. Everyone will have the opportunity to receive funding for further implementation of projects or to become part of a team that will go to learn from one of the seven European countries.