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We are looking for employees for a new warehouse in the city of Vinnytsia

Avrora chain of stores has more than 850 stores found in every region of the country. Our company is originally from Poltava region. So historically the Support Office and warehouses are located in Poltava.

Over the past few years we have opened many stores in the West of Ukraine. And in order to supply these outlets with goods quickly, we built a new distribution center in Vinnytsia.

At the end of February 2022 the work of the new line was about to start, but the war began.

Transporting goods to our stores in Western Ukraine from the warehouse in Poltava became more problematic. That's why we made every effort to get the new distribution center in Vinnytsia up and running.

However, staffing is still ongoing. In the city of Vinnytsia we are urgently looking for:

- Forwarders

- Loader

Decent wages and official employment guaranteed.

📞 For more information, please contact by phone:

- Regarding work as a loader: (050) 047 41 97, (097) 723 28 98

- Regarding work as a forwarder: (067) 617 07 58, (066) 170 94 58

Avrora works, so work with us. Our work supports our people and the economy of Ukraine.

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Who are we looking for?

The things you are doing at work should bring you joy, income and enable your professional growth and development. Believe us, these components are as important to your employer as they are to you. After all, when everything is well with you, the business feels better.

That is why we are interested in people who will enjoy working, developing, relaxing and making the world a better place once they join our team.

We have the same paths to follow, in case you:
• have strong work ethic;
• treat people with respect;
• stand through thick and thin for a positive and cheerful attitude;
• work hard to achieve the goal;
• have the desire to provide your customers with the best service and products.

In case you share the above values, do not hesitate, read further about the benefits and the perks, and send us your CV as soon as possible

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We hear, understand, trust.
If you want, we exchange the item you have bought, or return its cost.



Joy, smiles, happiness, impression, pleasure – these are what we strive to give with every item that you buy in our stores.


We're always with you wherever you are, near your house, your place of work or rest.


High-class, trendy, cool, unique, casual stuff is available in our stores.

What are you about to find in Aurora?

Just look at what you will be gaining by becoming part of our Family:
• a chance to work among people who share your values;
• a team where everyone will provide you support and assistance;
• transparent and clear motivation system;
• decent wages and bonuses;
• official employment and full range of employment benefits;
• numerous of opportunities for your career growth and professional development.

You will have plenty of options for learning and development. We have our own training courses and programmes and often hold various seminars and workshops.

In our family, it is customary to listen to everyone’s opinions. Therefore, your ideas will find their place and be implemented for your personal benefit, the benefit of the company and society.
And to understand the way our company works, you will be able to learn the operational processes in each area, including an internship in one of the chain stores.

Do not miss the opportunity for personal fulfilment. Hurry up and click the “Send your CV” button and join our friendly family.


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