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Company news

Aurora is giving away 20 LEGO sets. The game is in your hands. Don’t hesitate to participate!

LEGO sets are never too much. So is the desire to give children useful and high-quality toys.

That is why, starting May 27, we, together with the world’s leading brand of building sets LEGO,…

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Aurora became the first donor to the My Voice Rebuilds project

The song with which alyona alyona and Jerry Heil took 3rd place at the Eurovision Song Contest is dedicated to the mental resilience, courage, and loyal hearts of Ukrainian women. The story of two of…

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Nashebachennya contest raised almost UAH 5 million for Ukrainian Defense Forces. Aurora joined as a general sponsor and donor

On April 25, the ironic pop band Badstreet boys initiated the Nashebachennya [Our Vision] song contest. As the name suggests, the event was a Ukrainian reinterpretation of the Eurovision format. Afte…

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Anniversary donation of UAH 5,000,000 — Aurora joins the flash mob of congratulations to the Come Back Alive Foundation

 On May 10, the Come Back Alive Charitable Foundation celebrated its 10th anniversary. As an expression of gratitude to the Foundation’s team for crucial activities of supporting our force…

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Aurora joins the UN Global Compact

Aurora has joined the UN Global Compact, committing itself to incorporating its principles into the corporate strategy, culture and daily operations, as well as to contributing to the achievement of …

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