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Company news

What is Aurora Sports?

Aurora is a team of like-minded people striving to change this world for the better. We do this in a variety of ways, one of which is through sports.


Aurora employees run a lot and play …

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10 млн грн на дрони — результат благодійного проєкту, який «Аврора» реалізувала спільно з Національною гвардією України

«Товар купив, донат полетів» — позначки з таким повідомленням з’явилися на полицях «Аврори» в червні 2023 року. Передумовою для цього стало звернення представників…

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Aurora’s distribution centre is open in Lviv

Aurora is actively expanding its chain across Ukraine, opening a new store every 14 hours on average. The more outlets we have, the more complex the logistics become. Multimarket shoppers are used to…

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Successful debut: Aurora football team became a champion at the regional level it played for the first time

This year, Aurora made its debut in the First League of the Poltava Region Football Championship. At the bidding stage, the team did not have any particular ambitions to win, but only wanted to play …

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Aurora donated 500,000 protective masks for Poltava doctors

When coughing and sneezing are becoming more common in public places, it means that the season of viral and respiratory infections is at the height. Doctors urge to keep away flu, ARVI and COVID, as …

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