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Company news

Aurora joined the Posady project!

Due to the Russian aggression in Ukraine and the economic crisis, many Ukrainians have experienced hardship, they have lost their homes, their health, and their source of income. However, despite the…

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54 Aurora employees donated blood at the Donor Day in the support office

Traditionally, Aurora employees collectively donate blood every 2-3 months. The corporate Donor Day was held in Poltava for the first time. Poltava regional blood transfusion station helped to organi…

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Aurora representatives took part in UNITED24 summit

The UNITED24 fundraising platform, initiated by the President of Ukraine, celebrated its one-year anniversary. On this occasion, a UNITED24 summit was held in Kyiv, where three fundraising areas were…

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Not 14, but 30 days to exchange or return goods in Aurora

In Aurora, you have 30 days to exchange or return goods at any store of the chain.

Please note that to exchange or return the goods you need to:

  •  Keep your receipt and packaging.
  • Main…
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Aurora employees planted a forest on Earth Day

Traditionally, in autumn and spring, Aurora employees gather together on their day off to join the reforestation of Poltava region. This time, a friendly team of eco-conscious Aurora employees plante…

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