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CHMOK (Kiss in Ukrainian)

What is CHMOK?  

This unconventional kiss prompts certain actions and carries a “secret message”: 

 Read (Ch)

✈️Travel (M)

 Be Inspired by Creativity (OK)

Why this particular transcription?

Because Avrora is a modern, young and cutting-edge company that strives for uniqueness, creativity, innovative solutions and ideas. After all, Avrora is always open to new things, constantly improving and surprising, inspiring and motivating. 

At the support office, there are several interesting art objects-portraits of famous people and figures, who are close to Avrora in their life stance and beliefs, are guided by the same values and are a role model. 

These portraits are made in a variety of unique and unusual artistic techniques, using the most surprising materials. They capture the eye and attract attention. Looking at them, you understand how versatile a person and his or her thinking is, that from the simplest things you can get a masterpiece, if only you dare.

Any task or problem can be neglected, abandoned or have many solutions. Think positively, be creative, be bright, break free from the monotony of everyday life, because everything interesting and new is very close, you just have to pay attention and try!