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Who we are

Who we are

When popping into our store to buy household items or some great stuff, a customer finds himself or herself surrounded by very tall shelves with various goods, which creates a special, unique feeling of comfort. After just a few steps around the retail space, a customer is sure to find whatever he or she needs.

That’s a brief description of the Avrora store located by your house, at the nearest market, on the way to work or at the train station.

However, loads of work of the qualified professionals are at the back of fascinating appearance and effective operation of our stores. Due to their diligent and dedicated work, Avrora is an all-Ukrainian chain of stores that brings everyday and trendy stuff closer to its customers.

Our stores open their doors and offer the trendiest, amazing, unique, or familiar items to many customers every day so that they can find exactly what they want, or even what they dream of. They carry home not just goods in packages or eco-friendly bags bearing the Avrora logo, but things that will bring joy, smiles and pleasure to them and their loved ones.

The Avrora chain has been actively developing since 2011, when the first store opened in Poltava. Offices, warehouses, logistics are changing and updating with the involvement of globally-proven state-of-art technology, methods and process management systems.

All this is being implemented with the commitment to our goal: to provide our customers with more opportunities to buy what they need and bring them joy every day.

Our team never forgets that the business should be socially responsible. All employees adapt and maintain the Company’s work-flows to both satisfy our customers’ needs and benefit society and the economy. To date, we have achieved positive results in the areas of responsible consumption, improving the quality of education, environment protection and maintaining good health.

We are extremely interested in and passionate about what we are doing because we know that this makes many people’s lives filled with positive, vivid emotions and joy.

We are always open to new opportunities, partnership and cooperation.

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All our work is focused on you and your needs

Everything we are doing in our Company is focused on the main purpose – to give our visitors more opportunities to buy what they need and bring them joy every day.


We hear, understand, trust.
If you want, we exchange the item you have bought, or return its cost.



Joy, smiles, happiness, impression, pleasure – these are what we strive to give with every item that you buy in our stores.


We're always with you wherever you are, near your house, your place of work or rest.


High-class, trendy, cool, unique, casual stuff is available in our stores.

30 days to exchange or return goods in Avrora

We’re confident in the quality of the goods placed on the shelves of our stores. After all, we thoroughly check every batch for conformity.
But that doesn’t completely insure you and us against occasional product defects. That is why we are open to communication and the best solution for quality, exchange or return. Because shopping in Avrora should only bring you joy and budget savings.

And to reassure you of your confidence in the quality of Avrora goods, the exchange or return period in our chain of stores has been extended up to 30 days!
Please note that to exchange or return the goods you need to:
● Keep the receipt and packaging.
● Only return or exchange goods of proper quality that are subject to exchange in accordance with the current legislation.

You can exchange or return goods at any chain store. For example, if you bought the goods in Kropyvnytskyi, you can exchange them in Avrora store in Lviv. The main thing is to keep the receipt and the packaging of the goods within 30 days.
You have 30 days at your disposal. Exchange or return – it’s up to you if you believe it’s due.