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Action.Business' Center are opened in Poltava with the support of 'Avrora

On September 14, the Poltava Center for Entrepreneurship Support 'Action.Business' opened. Here, potential and existing entrepreneurs will be able to receive affordable business education, free consultations from experts and legal support, attend useful lectures, educational events and conferences, present and test products.

About the project:

'Action.Business' is a national project that helps entrepreneurs to create, develop and scale their business.

Who does 'Action.Business' Center provide services to?

  • those who dream of their business;
  • those who have decided on an idea and are just starting their own business;
  • those who already have a business and seek development.

The National Entrepreneurship Development Project was initiated by the Ministry of Digital Transformation. In Poltava region it was implemented with the assistance of 'Avrora' chain of stores.

Our team is pleased to join the G1 Entrepreneurship Development Project in Ukraine. The opening of 'Action.Business' Center in Poltava, where 'Avrora' began its journey, is a thanks and an investment in the development of the local community. We are sure that 'Action.Business' Center will be the first step for someone to start their business and will help make the fire of courage, creativity and entrepreneurship in the eyes of more residents of Poltava region.

Why 'Avrora' supports 'Action. Business':

1. This is an alternative institution that helps and supports entrepreneurs who may become our partners in the future.

2. It is a place of concentration of ideas and people who strive to act and create goods and services of the highest quality.

3. This is the creation of additional jobs.

4. This is the development of business, and the increase in the content of the local budget.

5. This is an opportunity for 'Avrora' to share their experience.

6. It is an association of business and entrepreneurs on a win-win strategy.

7. This partnership for the sustainable development of cities and communities, which is one of the priority goals for our company.

Taras Panasenko, CEO of 'Avrora Multimarket' chain of stores: 'Business believes in changes in society, in creativity. And I believe that real change the city and our environment is possible thanks to active people, entrepreneurs and with the support of creative and active government. I am sure that this place will become attractive for initiative people, and we will change Poltava and Poltava region'.

Involvement in the creation of the center 'Action.Business' in Poltava is part of the implementation of 'Avrora' corporate social responsibility strategy.