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Chykalivka, a favourite recreational spot for Avrora employees

What can a corporate holiday be like when you work for a company that promotes a healthy lifestyle? Only active, of course! Avrora employees also call it in a special way – hanging out with friends. In 2021, Avrora has discovered the perfect place to hang out. It’s Chykalivka – a quarry of emotions. That’s the name of the former granite mining site, now a popular rock climbing area. Therefore on July 17-18 Avrora employees decided to combine recreation in a picturesque place with a variety of activities. They set up camp with tents, cooked on fire and sang songs around the fire. Even freak weather (sometimes heat wave, sometimes downpour) did not spoil their mood, but added more emotions and memories to the adventure. 


During the summer weekend in Chykalivka, Avrora employees had time to:

        try themselves in rock-climbing and other sports activities;

        go on an extreme excursion by the quarry;

        swim on SUP-boards;

        sunbathe and swim in crystal-clear, warm water;

        admire the scenery and take incredible photos as a keepsake;

        socialise, laugh, and sing;

        eat a lot of field porridge. 


Our partner rock-climbing instructors from Chykalivka – a quarry of emotions project and SUP Relax Poltava rental helped with organising the activities at the event. 


Recreation in Chykalivka was so pleasant and memorable for Avrora employees, that on September 12 they already returned to the quarry for the rock-climbing festival “Granite Cup 2.0”. The festival was held for the second time and this time Avrora was both a partner of the event and a direct participant (of course, at an amateur level). With this event the organisers develop and popularise rock-climbing in Poltava region. All the more so there are all conditions for it – only one and a half hundred kilometres from Poltava there is a possibility to climb on the natural relief of Chykalivka. There are almost a hundred of climbing routes in the quarry with bottom and upper belaying.


During the festival everyone could try a simple route under the supervision of instructors. As well as enjoy the last warmth of summer in an incredibly beautiful place. For there is a clear emerald-tinted lake in the quarry. Moreover, the rock-climbing sectors are connected by a path that offers a great view. Therefore, the “Granite Cup” is not only two days of climbing on 40 trails of varying difficulty, but also a rest in the circle of like-minded people and friends. Avrora employees are sure to return here for a new burst of emotions.