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Company news

Where you should look for vacancies if you want to work in Avrora?

If you want to realize yourself. If you want to learn something new. If you want to make a lot of people a little bit happier. You should definitely work at Avrora. And we will suggest you where to l…

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Your product with a guarantee

Is there a guarantee from the manufacturer for the product? How to find out?

You take the product and scan it on the price scanner.

If you see a guarantee mark on the product image, then there …

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You have 30 days to exchange or return goods in 'Avrora' store

WOW news! Now you have not 14, you have 30 days to exchange or return goods in 'Avrora' store.

Just pay attention that you need for this:

Store receipt and packaging.

Change and retu…

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What bank notes can not you use for paying for the purchase starting from October 1, 2020?

Attention, please!

From October 1, 2020, all old paper bank notes put into circulation before 2003 will stop to be a means of payment and will be withdrawn from circulation.

The same is for 25 …

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Avrora Sport Fishing Festival

Maintaining good health is one of the goals of sustainable development actively developed at Avrora.

And our friendly Avrora Sport team knows how to achieve the goal, mixing work with pleasure (In…

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