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Thanks for your help in preventing the spread of COVID-19

From August 31 to September 4 in Poltava was conducted the traditional annual forum of entrepreneurs of the city "City Fest". As part of it, an award ceremony was conducted for those businessmen who actively worked during the quarantine period to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Our company was thanked for our active public position and assistance to the Poltava city community in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and overcoming its consequences.

After all, in the difficult times of the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, we managed to establish our own production of protective masks and antiseptics. Which are sold in chain stores throughout Ukraine.

Also, quarantine measures have been introduced in stores and in the support office in accordance with the requirements of the state, to let employees and visitors feel safe:

  • there are restrictions on the number of visitors and employees in the store;
  • all employees are provided with protective masks and gloves;
  • the vehicle delivering the goods is regularly disinfected;
  • each cash register is provided with protective partitions;
  • created a distance between customers in the queue at the checkout;
  • disinfection of the trade hall and office premises according to the schedule;
  • limited access of partners, suppliers and job candidates to the office;
  • most communications are made online.

 We value the safety and health of everyone and we are very happy that our efforts are not only beneficial, but also an example for other entrepreneurs.