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«Avrora» has started a new project for «AVRORA guide» interns in Poltava

«Avrora guide» is an internship program for creative and talented young people in the support office located in Poltava. The program gives interns without basic skills and previous experience not only to learn a new job, and feel like a powerful team, gain their first professional experience, and also immerse in the work process with the possibility of further legal employment.

And now we are actively looking for our future interns.

So if you have activity, responsibility, ambition, self-confidence, and the desire to try yourself in something new does not allow you to stay in one place - rather act.

Call or text us at Telegram at +38 (067) 740 56 53, or apply by filling out the Google form at: http://bit.ly/38L7vFa

And if you have already found your profession and you are changing the world for the better in the ranks of a public organization or educational institution, we offer to partner and give active youth the opportunity to find themselves.

Be proactive - call, write, act and step to your dreams!