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How Avrora takes care of own employees amid Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed our lives, dictating new rules, skills and habits to us. Avrora is no exception and has also changed.

 What has been done in our network, in short:

  • from the first days of quarantine, the hr headquarters was formed, which continues its activities today. since then, hr avrora accounts have appeared in corporate portals, through which employees are informed about changes and innovations during the quarantine period.
  • consultative support of an epidemiologist was organized for employees by telephone.
  • organized and certified the production of masks and antiseptics, which meet the needs for protective equipment for both company employees and the public.
  • developed instructions and protocols on how to behave during quarantine at the workplace and how to prevent illness. algorithms of actions for various scenarios of the quarantine course have also been developed.

 And to make employees feel safe at the workplace, the following quarantine measures have been introduced:

  • daily morning filling of the checklist. in this document, the employee leaves information on the state of his health and the health of family members, undertakes to wear a protective mask, monitor hand hygiene, keep a distance of at least 2 m);
  • temperature screening;
  • regular ventilation of the premises;
  • disinfection of door handles, handrails, turnstiles, dining tables, bathrooms
  • placement of sanitizers;
  • reduced the access of partners, suppliers and job candidates to the office premises. Communication was transferred to an online format.

And all this again confirms that for Avrora, the health of employees has always been and will be a priority.