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A little New Year's miracle for children

Winter holidays are loved by both children and adults. We all expect gifts, a cheerful mood, and most importantly - miracles. Especially children are waiting for miracles who don't have a family celebration - orphans, children from orphanages and boarding schools. As a socially responsible company, we try to help those who need it. Therefore, recently together with the charity fund "Helpgroup" we managed to create a small New Year's fairy tale. We presented packages with delicacies to the pupils of the Poltava Regional Shelter "Lyubystok" and children from the recovery center "Kortex". And even if such a thing on the scale of the universe is almost invisible, but most importantly the result. And these are the lights of joy in the eyes of children and, hopefully, the belief that good exists around us. And the fact that, perhaps, our example will inspire even more businesses and people to create good things.

Don't be indifferent. #give_good_freely