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Company news

Chykalivka, a favourite recreational spot for Avrora employees

What can a corporate holiday be like when you work for a company that promotes a healthy lifestyle? Only active, of course! Avrora employees also call it in a special way – hanging out with fri…

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Avrora and the Light of Hope - a Successful Case for Social Interaction

This year the company 'Avrora' in the framework of its social activities closely cooperates with the Charity Organization 'Light of Hope'. This is one of the largest charitable organi…

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CHMOK (Kiss in Ukrainian)

What is CHMOK?  

This unconventional kiss prompts certain actions and carries a “secret message”: 

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✈️Travel (M)

 Be Inspired by Creativity …

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To think globally — to act locally

As part of the start of the training program 'Youth will change Ukraine - Poltava region', which is implemented with the support of 'Avrora' company, the President of the Bohdan Havry…

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Horizon Capital’s EEGF III invests in Avrora, a leading dollar store player in Ukraine, to fuel regional expansion

July 6, 2021 – Kyiv, Ukraine: Horizon Capital, a leading private equity firm backing high-growth companies in Emerging Europe, and Avrora, a leader of the dollar store retail segment in Ukraine…

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