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Avrora is at the TOP of the non-food discounters in Central and Eastern Europe

It’s good to hear the good news, and even better to share it with the world.

Based on 2021 results, Avrora is one of the top three discounters in the non-food group in Central and Eastern Europe.


A discounter is a store with a wide range of goods available at reduced prices.


This information is covered in Colliers ExCEEDING Borders Retail Report 2021. In this study leadership was determined among 45 non-food retailers operating in Central and Eastern Europe.


The main indicator of success in the study was the number of stores. Thus, the Pepco chain had the most stores, followed by KiK in second place and Avrora rounds out the top three.

According to the report Pepco has almost 2,500 stores in 11 countries, the KiK chain has almost 1,000 stores in 8 countries and Avrora has around 650 shops. What sets Avrora apart from these companies is that all of the chain’s stores are concentrated in one country.

This report highlights the situation of the non-food discounter market in Central and Eastern Europe in 2021. However we are pleased to report that at the time of publication we have celebrated the opening of our 800th store and, by the end of January 2022, we had approximately 850 stores.

We are very proud of this achievement and continue to grow and open our stores at the same pace. We hope and work hard to ensure that in 2022 more people will be able to buy everything they need at affordable prices in Avrora.



This article was created based on materials from the Interfax Ukraine news agency.