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Outside perspective. European Business Association about Avrora

The Avrora team uses its positive experience of maintaining high standards of customer interaction, its progressive technological approach to business and its extensive partner network to support local Ukrainian manufacturers by increasing the share of their products in their range, thus helping to revive and further strengthen the position of small Ukrainian manufacturers in the market.

Chamber member company Real Bargain LLC is actively developing the Avrora retail chain, Ukraine’s largest retail chain in the one dollar store format (an internationally defined format of stores offering socially-oriented goods with a $1 price target). Today Real Bargain LLC operates a chain of about 800 stores in every region of Ukraine.

Avrora’s success, high internal standards and applied business models are outlined in the December 2021 publication of Forbes. (https://forbes.ua/company/poltavska-kompaniya-avrora-rozgornula-naybilshu-merezhu-odnodolarovikh-magaziniv-yak-im-dopomogla-kontseptsiya-menedzhmentu-vid-toyota-07122021-2904).
The article is based on the European Business Association website.
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