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In 2021, Avrora planted more than 4,000 trees

For the second time in 2021, Avrora together with Poltava Forestry planted a forest. This fall, the planting was held in support of several initiatives:

  • Responsibility Day, celebrated in Ukraine for the first time.
  • Challenge 'One repost - one planted tree' in the framework of the eco-action Joykis.
  • All-Ukrainian action 'Creating forests together'.

1,100 saplings of oak were planted on the area of ​​0.25 ha of Rudnya forestry. By the way, 80 of them are trees that Avrora's people have been growing in pots on their own since the beginning of summer.

In total, in 2021 (spring and autumn) with the support of foresters of Poltava forestry managed to plant more than 4 thousand seedlings of various forest crops.

The action became nationwide due to the fact that shops joined it. Employees of 54 outlets planted thuja, turf, apple, plum, pear, almond, peach, sumac, hibiscus and other seedlings. Landing sites were also varied - new trees appeared near Avrora's stores, near kindergartens, schools, churches or in our employees' backyards.

For Avrora, caring for the environment is a priority in corporate social responsibility.