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Company news

To think globally — to act locally

As part of the start of the training program 'Youth will change Ukraine - Poltava region', which is implemented with the support of 'Avrora' company, the President of the Bohdan Havry…

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Horizon Capital’s EEGF III invests in Avrora, a leading dollar store player in Ukraine, to fuel regional expansion

July 6, 2021 – Kyiv, Ukraine: Horizon Capital, a leading private equity firm backing high-growth companies in Emerging Europe, and Avrora, a leader of the dollar store retail segment in Ukraine…

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“Zdybanka” – the corporate secret of running’s popularity in Avrora

Running has been an element of Avrora’s corporate culture for many years. It is popularised in the company specifically in the amateur format. Everyone can run, depending on their abilities and…

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Poltava Outdoor Weekend - туристичний фест за підтримки “Аврори”

“Аврора” стала співорганізатором фестивалю «Poltava Outdoor Weekend», що відбувся 4 липня у Прирічковому парку просто неба. Діяло 7 зон активного відпочинку: «Водна&raqu…

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Why are prices low in Avrora?

The reasons to visit 'Avrora' are different - someone is excited about the chic selection of goods, someone is happy that everything you need can be found in one place, and someone appreciate…

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