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We are hastening our Victory together: Aurora has delivered the first batch of UAVs to Ukrainian defenders!


“Aurora keeps working and supporting our military! We have been holding a charity fundraising campaign called Drones of the Guard throughout the summer to raise funds for the purchase of UAVs for the Offensive Guard brigades.


To join the charity initiative, buy goods marked “Purchase of goods means donation of money”. 5% of the funds received from their sales are transferred to the needs of the soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine.


We can already boast of great achievements! In June alone, due to the activity of our customers, Aurora raised UAH 2.6 million, and this amount increased further to UAH 3 million in July.


In total, over two months of summer, we have raised UAH 5.6 million and have already purchased and delivered a number of UAVs to the military. We consider this to be our small victory, as the “iron birds” help the guys on the front line every day and save precious lives.

 One more summer month is ahead, so the campaign continues! Look for goods in your nearest Aurora store marked “Purchase of goods means donation of money” and support our military!