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Join Country of Dear Hearts charity event in Aurora stores and help children treated at the burn centre

More than 1,500 children have suffered from russia’s armed aggression in Ukraine for more than a year and a half. We understand that young patients need care and proper treatment, that is why Aurora is launching the Country of Dear Hearts charity campaign.

The initiative aims to raise UAH 3,000,000 for the repair of the children’s burn centre “Unbroken” in Lviv.

Get the opportunity to buy a promotional sticker worth of just UAH 2 for every UAH 80 in your cheque or for every item from sponsors with special price tags from August 1 to September 15. 

UAH 1 from the cost of each sticker is transferred to the Centre’s restoration. If you buy a sticker at the usual price of UAH 10, UAH 9 will go to charity.

Your purchase will help children who have suffered burns be able to receive emergency care and treatment in Ukraine, staying close to their families.

Collect the stickers together with your kids or pass on kind words of encouragement to the youngest patients. In the store, put a sticker with your wish on a heart-shaped poster that will be placed in the burn centre in Lviv after the campaign is over. 

Get involved! Every hryvnia matters!