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Company news

The warranty period will be said by the price scanner

You already know that the price scanner in Avrora quickly helps to find out the price of the product. But it has another superpower - it shows an additional warranty period for certain products. And …

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Avrora supports the active youth of Poltava region

Already the second year, Avrora has joined 'the Youth Change Ukraine' initiative and is participating in the project in Poltava Region as a partner of  Bohdan Havrylyshyn Family Foundati…

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Corporate library of Avrora makes reading and development available to everyone

Avrora is interested in the development of own employees. That is why a corporate library is a great opportunity to create an atmosphere in which continuous learning and self-education is a natural p…

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Charity auctions in Avrora

Creating good is easy! There are small good cases that are not really done to gain fame or rankings, but just to help those who need it the most.

At the beginning of 2021, Avrora conducted 2 chari…

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«Avrora» has started a new project for «AVRORA guide» interns in Poltava

«Avrora guide» is an internship program for creative and talented young people in the support office located in Poltava. The program gives interns without basic skills and previous experi…

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