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Company news

How Avrora takes care of own employees amid Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed our lives, dictating new rules, skills and habits to us. Avrora is no exception and has also changed.

 What has been done in our network, in …

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A little New Year's miracle for children

Winter holidays are loved by both children and adults. We all expect gifts, a cheerful mood, and most importantly - miracles. Especially children are waiting for miracles who don't have a family …

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Become the face of Avrora store in TikTok

Who knows Avrora best? And, of course, you!
Because you subscribe to all our social networks, film stories about us and on the way home you go to several "Avrora" stores.

So why don'…

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Where you should look for vacancies if you want to work in Avrora?

If you want to realize yourself. If you want to learn something new. If you want to make a lot of people a little bit happier. You should definitely work at Avrora. And we will suggest you where to l…

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Your product with a guarantee

Is there a guarantee from the manufacturer for the product? How to find out?

You take the product and scan it on the price scanner.

If you see a guarantee mark on the product image, then there …

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