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“Little Avrorian” childcare room for the children of employees at the support office

There is a war in the country. Kindergartens are down, but our chain continues to work, no matter how difficult it is, and to support not only customers by making products for home and pleasure more accessible, but also employees with children. Both weekdays and weekends, employees can bring their children from ages 3 to 12 to the onsite childcare room while their parents are volunteering or working.

Caregivers are with the children all the time, and every day they organise sporting activities, cartoon shows, creative drawing and origami workshops, outdoor activities in the sunny weather and nice tea parties with biscuits when you want to get warm. Parents view photos and videos of joint sports challenges in the internal Telegram-chat with caregivers. 

Also, little Avrorians, just like their parents, have morning meetings with caregivers every morning, each child has his or her own indicators and there is an opportunity to voice improvements that one would like to implement in the room independently or with the help of adults, so career guidance is included. 

The childcare room works in one of the classrooms in the administrative building of the support office, with a bomb shelter nearby in case of an air raid warning.