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Avrora is always ready to support at the right moment

In this difficult time for Ukraine, Avrora is working hard to support the people, our defenders and the state's economy.


Our employees keep the network running, volunteer, and defend freedom as part of the Territorial Defense  at the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


We have fixed the prices that were in effect before the invasion and are trying to reduce prices on certain items. Most basic necessities are now sold without a markup, that is, at the purchase price.


At the cash desks of our stores you can withdraw up to 500 UAH with one receipt.

We process appeals from volunteers and help in any way we can.  We help with the delivery of humanitarian aid from Europe.


There are "help boxes" in the salesrooms of our stores where people can leave  basic necessities or take them for themselves if they need.


And we're not stopping to look for new ways to support and help our people and our state.


Everything will be Ukraine - strong, free, the only one!