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Company news

Working together to support everyone

Now the whole world is united around Ukraine. People are supporting us at peace meetings, preparing tons of humanitarian aid, which is badly needed in the devastated cities and towns.



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Avrora brings the truth about the situation in Ukraine to the international business community

Avrora employees are now trying with all their might to support residents of our country. Many are volunteering, some are defending their city in the ranks of the Territorial Defense, some in the ran…

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To make sure there is enough basic necessities for everyone, Avrora has a limit on the sale of certain items.

Some of our supplier partners are not working, working at half capacity or physically unable to deliver goods to us in the current situation.  The situation on the roads is not stable either. We…

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DobroBox is a charity selling point for Avrora employees

There is a stereotype that in order to become a charity donor, you either have to be a superhero or have a lot of money and free time. In fact, anyone can help. It is especially easy to do so, when t…

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Make a cash withdrawal at the cash register in Avrora

Avrora has always been helpful in any situation. And now we try to act everywhere we could be useful.


So in a short time we were able to set up the process of cash withdrawal from bank c…

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