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UAH 24,000,000 for robots that will save the lives of Ukrainians. Aurora became one of the first donors to the new UNITED24 fundraising

For two years now, the UNITED24 fundraising platform has been bringing together donations from people and companies around the world to address Ukraine’s most pressing needs: strengthening the Ukrainian army, mine clearance, medical aid, rebuilding important infrastructure.

Aurora has become one of the first donors to the platform and is now its regular partner. We are proud of the good deeds we have contributed to as part of UNITED24 projects: equipping EOD units, purchasing drones for the military, rebuilding a school in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

At The Power of Unity summit, dedicated to the anniversary of UNITED24, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced a new large-scale fundraising campaign to form an army of ground robots. They are needed to protect the lives of military and civilians.

Combat vehicles will conduct assault, defensive, and reconnaissance operations. Kamikaze robots and miners will destroy enemy armoured vehicles, while logistics robots will deliver provisions, ammunition, and evacuate the wounded from the front line.

We are convinced that robotic ground troops are a crucial project. They will increase the efficiency of the Ukrainian army and protect our people. That is why Aurora has become one of the first two donors to the initiative, donating UAH 24,000,000 to its implementation.