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Let’s save the future now! Help our EOD specialists clear Ukrainian land of mines with Aurora

The war for independence is underway. The soldiers of the Defence Forces are defending Ukraine on the borders and on the frontline. Each of them is a true hero.

The contribution of explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) specialists is also highly valuable. They risk their health and lives, removing explosive ordnance from Ukrainian land, step by step, metre by metre. The explosive remnants are known to continue to kill during and long after active hostilities have ended.

Together with the Charity Fund Come Back Alive, we have organised the Save the Future Now project. We aim to help the EOD specialists of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by raising UAH 10 million to buy pickup trucks, metal detectors, protective gear, radio sets, drones and other equipment.

To raise the necessary amount, visitors to our stores from August 16 to September 17 will have a unique opportunity to buy a collectible tube with liberated Kherson canning lids. They have been preserved despite the fact that their manufacturer, Tin SerVis, in the village of Muzykivka, Kherson region, was under occupation for months. Today, these lids will help clear our native land of mines. Aurora will donate all the proceeds from the sale and even a little more to mine clearing:

UAH 200 from the sale of a collectible tube of 20 liberated Kherson lids worth UAH 199. You can also support the charity initiative by purchasing a collectible magnet made from a liberated Kherson lid. It costs UAH 29, and Aurora will donate UAH 30 for the purchase of this magnet.


We are already thinking about the future. Don’t stand aside, join in! The liberated Kherson lids are not just a way to keep the canned food, but a symbol of the resilience of the Ukrainian people. It is also a way to help our native Ukraine resume normal life!