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“From Heart to Heart” – a week of corporate donation in Avrora

40 Avrora employees joined the “From Heart to Heart” corporate donation week dedicated to St. Valentine’s Day. Employees of the entire chain joined the campaign by donating blood in their local communities. In addition, on February 17, a collective trip from the support office to a blood transfusion station in Poltava was organised. Both new and experienced donors participated in the campaign.

For example, Yuliia Nalyvaiko donated blood for the first time and shared her impressions:

“I’ve been thinking about donating for a long time, but previously, when the company organised such trips, there were certain circumstances under which you could not become a donor. And this time I felt that my time had come, I pulled myself together and decided that it was time to start.

At this difficult time for our country, I want to be as useful as I can in every way possible. And I want to believe that my blood will save someone’s life. Everything went great. I’m already waiting for the next time I can donate blood.”

 Dmytro Skrypai has donated blood for the thirtieth time:

“I started donating blood in 2015, when the ATO was in full swing and blood was needed for our wounded soldiers. That’s why together with a group of like-minded people who had already had experience in donating blood, I went to the Regional Blood Transfusion Station in Poltava to help our soldiers. This is how my donor journey began, and the last blood donation was the 30th in my life.

Since then, I have been donating blood 4-5 times a year, both to replenish the blood bank and for recipients in need.

It is necessary to donate blood because it is not only helping others, but also beneficial for your health, as donors are less likely to get sick. Donation is the least a person can do for others, especially now, when the war is raging and #your_blood_can_wage_war.”

 The collective donation lasted almost 3 hours. The Avrora employees donated blood and blood components both for the blood bank and for a specific patient in urgent need of a transfusion.

The #donate_blood_give_love campaign has ended, but the company is promoting donation on a regular basis. Currently, the chain has recorded 378 donations, which is more than 170 litres of blood. The company has 187 donors, but every month there are more and more of them, which means even more lives will be saved.