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#Test_it – before a product hits the shelves of the store

Every product has to be tested by our employees before it is released to the stores of the chain. This means that when we talk to a new supplier about a possible purchase, they provide the purchasing manager with samples of their products, which need to be tested simply by being a consumer. In order to be as objective as possible, this test can be carried out by any employee of the support or distribution centre at home and provide the manager with feedback: whether the product is satisfactory in its qualities; whether you are willing to use it in the future; what you didn’t like etc.

 Based on many factors – but also based on feedback from employees after the test – the manager makes a decision: whether or not to bring that product into the stores. Yes, it is possible to influence decision-making even in this pleasant way. 

Our interaction helps and strengthens us, and also, brings us closer to achieving the company’s mission – to improve people’s daily lives by making products for home and pleasure more accessible.