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Purchase of goods means donation of money. Aurora, together with its customers, raises funds for drones for the Offensive Guard brigades

We are convinced that all Ukrainians are looking forward to the Victory. Each of us has acquaintances, friends or relatives who are now defending the peace of the whole country. Many of us want to return home, resume our plans and dreams and live life to the fullest.

That is why the Aurora multimarket chain has launched a new charity project aimed at raising funds for drones for the Offensive Guard brigades.

 Every visitor to Aurora can support this initiative by purchasing goods in our stores marked “Purchase of goods means donation of money”. After all, 5% of the proceeds from the sale of such goods will be transferred monthly, during June – August 2023, to the NGO “Union of Television and Film Industry Entrepreneurs”. It is this NGO that will purchase and deliver the drones for the needs of the Offensive Guard brigades.

It should be understood that drones are now a consumable item that helps to achieve goals and save the lives of our defenders. Drones are always needed and are never superfluous.

So, when you are in Aurora, pay attention to the “Purchase of goods means donation of money” mark. Perhaps it is behind it that the goods you need are hidden, which will not only help you out, but also support the soldiers of the brigades of the National Guard of Ukraine.