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How do Avrora employees create their world?

Communal work is an ancient Ukrainian custom. It was organised back in the village for urgent work that required a significant number of motivated individuals.

 In the modern city, despite difficult circumstances, we decided to distract ourselves and combine business with pleasure: We arranged another cosy outdoor area in the company’s premises, where everyone can relax and spend a break on a bench among the trees.☀️

 Dekoplant has initiated the Flowers of Gratitude campaign. It includes ornamental flowering shrubs planting in Vinnytsia region and in other regions of Ukraine. For the implementation of the Flowers of Gratitude campaign Dekoplant provided us with 50 young plants.

Each ornamental tree will represent Rzeszów, Kielce, Lublin, Peterborough, Koszyce and many other cities whose communities have reached out to Ukraine with support, help and care. The flowering shrubs will become a symbol of gratitude and, at the same time, of new life.

Once the area of the park has been cleared of excess vegetation, benches have been installed and ornamental plants planted, we called this smoke-free space KaizeN-park, because it is in this place, among the breath of nature, that KaizeN-ideas are born most often :)

 Together we’re already used to #creating_your_world