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Warm fundraising from Avrora — join and help to raise UAH 6 million to buy winter uniforms for women in the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

The second winter of war has already begun for Ukrainians. Each of us has changed a lot during these months of daily struggle... Remember the panic, fear and hopelessness that gripped all of us in February 2022. And what do we see now? 

 We see an invincible country, determined and confident people who bring the Victory closer every day, step by step. Everyone is holding his own frontline.

The war is ongoing, but this is not a reason to despair and inactively wait for better times. Our servicemen and servicewomen are defending Ukraine with dignity from the enemy so that we could live right here, right now. Do not forget about this for a moment! Especially in the days when every family has to prepare for the winter holidays.

Create a comfortable atmosphere in your home, live, celebrate, enjoy every day and do not forget to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We can facilitate this! 


Avrora announces a mega fundraising, together with the Charity Foundation “Zemliachky”. Our goal is to raise UAH 6,000,000 to buy winter uniforms for our servicewomen. 


To join the fundraising, you need just to buy any New Year’s stuff in Avrora, and we will transfer 10% of sales to a good cause. The campaign will last until January 15 inclusive.  

If you want to speed up the fundraising, transfer any amount to the monobank account. Join and make our female defenders feel warmth, when you create a festive mood for your family.