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Saving money is even easier with Aurora. A useful guide Economics is available on the shelves of the chain’s stores

Do you want to allocate your family budget more efficiently or teach your children how to manage money wisely? Due to Aurora’s prices, you need not to worry about unnecessary expenses. However, saving money wisely is a skill that is essential in life. Both adults and teenagers need to master it.

The guide Economics, which has recently become available on the shelves of our stores, is intended for teenagers and parents who want to save and earn more. The guide is based on Economics in 31 Hours textbook by Ž. Šilėnas, M. Vyšniauskaitė, N. Maibohina. The textbook has won many prizes and awards and is now available to all Ukrainians, including thanks to Aurora.

This is a unique educational material that will help you understand basic economic processes and develop financial literacy.

The guide is written in a lively language, that makes it easy to read and digest. It contains many practical examples and illustrations, as well as video apps that develop critical thinking.

We are confident that this book will become an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to learn how to earn money and manage their funds properly. Look for Economics on the shelves of Aurora stores in your city for just UAH 99.