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Safety tape is put, the enemy goes kaput

Your safety and comfort are our priorities.
“Avrora always cares about its customers, and even more in difficult times. We are the first to put sunscreen creams on the shelves in the summer, warm socks in the fall so that you don’t have to get cold while waiting for a bus. Now we offer branded reflective tapes, must-have for your safety!
This tape can be conveniently attached to arms, legs, outerwear, backpacks, and bags. It costs only UAH 11, but its benefits are much higher.
It is primarily about your safety at night. Don’t move around in complete darkness, attach the tape to your clothes.
Secondly, you will support our defenders buying this item, as UAH 4 of each purchase will be transferred to support the “Long arms of TDF” project, which is run by the Come Back Alive Charitable Foundation.
So your safety plus a donation to a good cause is the most important reason to visit Avrora store and buy reflective tapes. Hurry up! The quantity is limited.
Don’t forget to buy a tape for your husband/wife, children, parents, or even your dog (your pet should also be completely safe during evening walks).
With care for you and faith in our Victory, your Avrora.