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Outcome of the Way to Victory charity event


Ukrainians have been supporting a great charity event called the Way to Victory aimed at raising as much money as possible to purchase drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine for two months. Finally, we have reached the target.
Our congratulations! We managed to raise UAH 5 million thanks to everyone who donated or bought charity chips and patriotic comics. In order to have enough money to buy two drones, Aurora added another UAH 6.2 million.
Thus, a total of UAH 11,200,000 has been already transferred through the UNITED24 fundraising platform to support the Army of Drones project. Due to this contribution, the fundraising was completed.

We are sure that many families will retell the heroic stories of the present after this charity event, supporting them with those from the Way to Victory comics. That’s great, because we have no right to forget the cost of our brave defenders winning back every inch of Ukrainian land.

We thank all Aurora visitors, partners, Videx and Panasonic brands for their help in organising the project. We are also grateful to Olia Poliakova, Anna Trincher and POSITIFF for their creative and informational support.

The outcome of this charity campaign once again confirms that Ukrainians are able to unite and make every effort to protect and help our defenders on the way toward our Victory!