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The results of the SKHID-ROCK charity festival - how much money was raised and how it was spent

From April 9 to 18 the virtual festival SKHID-ROCK was heard in the salesrooms of our retail chain.
The festival had two important purposes - to support Ukrainians with good music and to collect charitable help for the residents of city Trostianets, Sumy region. This city had been occupied since the first days of the war, and by the time it was liberated at the end of March, it had suffered a lot of damage and needed help.

Charity event was created in a short time through the cooperation of the Avrora team, the team of SKHID-ROCK festival organizers and the team of ATB grocery store chain.
Therefore, in addition to Avrora stores, the festival was heard in the sales rooms of ATB stores. And on the websites of Avrora and SKHID-ROCK you could freely listen to the YouTube broadcast of the event.
Many famous Ukrainian performers supported this charity initiative and gave permission for the temporary use of their works, in particular: THE HARDKISS, ANTYTILA, SERGEI BABKIN, BEZ OBMEZHEN, VOPLY VIDOPLIASOVA, OLEKSANDR POLOZHYNSKYI, PIANODOY, SKRIABIN, FIOLET, BAH.ROMA, DAKH DAUGHTERS, DRUGA RIKA, DAKHABRAKHA, O.TORVALD and many others.

From April 1 to 18 everyone volunteered to buy charity tickets in support of the city. As a result, the festival raised 191 100 UAH.
All these funds were donated to the Public organization “European integration center of Slobozhanshchyna”. At the end of April the public organization reported that with a small addition from the benefactors for the funds collected at the festival the double-glazed windows and windows on the whole second floor of the Trostianets hospital were replaced. The maternity and obstetric-gynecological ward are located on this floor. Therefore, thanks to this charity initiative, children in Trostianets will be born in comfort and safety.

So the virtual charity festival SKHID-ROCK once again confirms that joining efforts of business brings a lot of benefits. The Avrora team is very grateful to everyone who took part in creating this good cause. Together we’ll win!