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Aurora representatives took part in UNITED24 summit

The UNITED24 fundraising platform, initiated by the President of Ukraine, celebrated its one-year anniversary. On this occasion, a UNITED24 summit was held in Kyiv, where three fundraising areas were reported on and two new ones were launched, Humanitarian Demining and Education & Science. 


The fundraising platform’s ambassadors, donors and partners were invited to the summit, including representatives of Aurora: Lev Zhydenko, Chairman of the Board of Shareholders, Taras Panasenko, CEO, and Alona Zhyhura, Head of CSR Department. 


This year, our Company managed to cooperate with UNITED24. To mark the anniversary of invincibility (full-scale invasion), we held a charity campaign called The Way to Victory at the Aurora chain of multimarket stores. The campaign was primarily aimed at raising funds to support the UNITED24 Army of Drones project. Aurora donated UAH 11,200,000 as part of the charity campaign, which was the final contribution to complete the fundraising. We are pleased to have joined such an important project.


The campaign is over, but we continue paving our way to Ukraine’ Victory. Therefore, the Company will keep on supporting such initiatives as its priority.