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“Shelf of Kindness”: how Avrora employees have been collecting clothes for a year now

In April 2021, a project to collect clothes for the socially disadvantaged started at Avrora’s support office. Any employee can bring tidy, washed, seasonal and practical clothing as well as clean, damage-free shoes to the aid point, called “Shelf of Kindness”. 


“Have you ever wondered where your super cool old jeans that you dropped off into waste container will end up? There’s bad news – they just form huge piles of rubbish in landfills. Thereby littering the environment. But the good news is that you can give old things a new life by giving them to someone in need. 

I don’t want to litter our planet. And by putting things on the Shelf of Kindness, I get a triple benefit: 

        I get rid of unnecessary stuff;

        I don’t litter the planet; 

        I do a good deed for others,” said Daria Pavlova, Avrora employee, about her participation in the project.


During the year of its existence, the Shelf of Kindness managed to collect and donate 4 batches of clothes to the Poltava Charity Organisation “Light of Hope”. The patients of their Crisis Centre for women and the Adaptation Centre for homeless people and those released from prison have a constant need for men’s, women’s and children’s clothes. 


“These clothes will always find their owners here. We are proud of such a social business! Thank you for your continued support and caring,” said the representatives of the charity organisation.


With the outbreak of war, the Shelf of Kindness became even more important. Things brought by Avrora employees came in handy for the company’s staff, who were evacuated