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Avrora presents gifts for the Knowledge Day

It is a tradition for Avrora to join charitable initiatives on the occasion of the beginning of the academic year. This year has been no exception. After all, some children do not have even basic stuff for classes. But there are always people and organizations who are non-indifferent and help to cover the needs of families experiencing hardship. They include the Patrol Police Department in Poltava Region, which has been donating stationery to children of the above category from all over the region for several years. For this initiative, Avrora donated notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, scissors, brushes, felt-tip pens, water colours and glue. On the occasion of the Knowledge Day, Avrora also provided gifts to NGO “Murashky”, which has been established to meet the rights and needs of disabled children.
On the eve of September 1, the charitable organization “Poltava Jewish Fund Hesed Nefesh” announced the campaign “Pack a school bag for a child”. A record number of school supplies were transferred to schoolchildren from low-income and IDP families this year due to the support of partners, including our Company.

“Avrora Multimarket, you are real, socially responsible, humane! Only together we can do good, work for victory and peace!"

We are pleased with these kind words addressed to us and continue to cooperate to provide charity support, which is even more relevant in times of the full-scale war.