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Miracle Friends surprise box in Aurora stores as a good idea for gift for yourself and your close ones

 The coming New Year holidays mean that it’s time to prepare gifts: for children, loved ones, parents, friends, colleagues and, of course, for yourself! We adore the New Year’s Eve bustle and want every Ukrainian to find the New Year’s mood, believe in miracles and create them themselves, despite the hardship.

This year, Aurora Chain, together with Art Nation Loyalty, launched a special New Year’s project. We have prepared incredible surprise gifts for Ukrainians called “Miracle Friends”. You can find these bright packages in all our stores or order them online on avrora.ua.

 The regular price of the surprise box is UAH 99, but you can buy it for half the price! To do this, you just need to make a purchase in Aurora store for the amount of UAH 80 or more or have the goods from the promotional partner in the receipt. They are marked on the price tag in the store and in the item card when shopping online.

 You will find inside the surprise gift “Miracle Friends” chocolate biscuits, a mascot magnet, and one of the following surprises: 


  • gold jewellery;
  • silver jewellery;
  • one of five gifts from Aurora: iPhone 13, iPad 9, Sony Playstation 5, Apple Watch, and a portable charging station;
  • a special gift from the promotional partners: Panasonic, LEGO, VIDEX, Nasha Syla. It can be an iron, headphones, a toy construction set, a portable charger, a set of batteries, etc.
  • a promotional code for a 7% discount on purchases at Aurora, valid from December 25, 2023 to January 5, 2024.


We will help you find the New Year’s mood and make miracles happen! You are invited to visit Aurora stores, buy gifts for yourself, your colleagues, friends and family for the holidays and be sure to pick up a surprise gift “Miracle Friends”. Just hurry up, the number of surprise boxes is limited.