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New Year’s Eve corporate party – like a backstage television show

It seems like there should be a New Year’s Eve corporate party during the Covid-19 pandemic, because you want to sum up the year in informal communication, see your colleagues standing by the tree and listen to the management, make jokes and laugh, win some nice present in the contest on the eve of the holiday. But obviously, collecting over 1,000 employees from all over Ukraine in one place at a buffet or a club sounds unreal. An online-corporate event with a broadcast on YouTube, however, turned out to be quite possible.


The pandemic taught us not only to keep the distance, to wash our hands often and for a long time and to wear masks, but also to solve the tasks unconventionally. Our usual conference room for meetings in the support office was transformed in a few hours into a real TV studio with several locations, hosts, a music band and a film crew – a whole film set! The top managers of the company had the opportunity to congratulate all employees live and thank them for a challenging year, which is always better to go through together! 

 In spite of the distance – we were able to unite and recharge ourselves with holiday energy, take part in games and contests, listen to a live music band, in a nutshell, it was interesting and cool in a new way! We’re used to #interacting_for_the_dream and #creating_your_world