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Incredible news: 5 draw winners within the Battleship fundraising campaign have donated their prizes

Aurora supported the Battleship, a fundraising campaign for maritime drones for the SBU, started on February 21, with a big drawing.

The prizes included 35 mono+avrora cards with a balance of UAH 100,000 and one card with a balance of UAH 1,000,000.

On February 25, the names of the winners were posted on the Ogo telegram channel, and most of them received their gifts. However, 5 people refused to take the prize and stated that they wished to transfer the funds to the fundraising campaign, and we fulfilled their wish. The balance of the campaign was thus replenished by UAH 500,000.

We are grateful to everyone who joined the Battleship fundraising campaign. We have significantly exceeded our goals altogether. In total, we targeted to raise UAH 297 million for 35 drones, and this amount was reached at the time of the drawing. However, even after the drawing, people continued to make donations. As of March 8, the total amount raised was UAH 342 million, and the first drone was already flying over our sea.