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We did it! Fundraising for winter uniforms for female defenders stopped

On the eve of the New Year, there was a lot of debate among Ukrainians: whether it is appropriate to celebrate at a time when our defenders are defending the Ukrainian land every minute. We decided to directly ask the military what they thought.
As a result, none of them found it condemnable that people create a New Year`s atmosphere at home. After all, the Armed Forces of Ukraine hold the front and guard our borders for us all to live a normal life.

Avrora held a charity event called Give warmth by creating a holiday from December 19, 2022, to January 15, 2023. It was aimed to quickly raise funds for sewing winter uniforms for women in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We did it!

Avrora gave Ukrainians a festive mood for 28 days, and donated 10% of the sales of all New Year’s stuff to the NGO Zemliachky. We finally managed to raise UAH 6,000,000 for 952 female defenders serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine to have warm clothes.
We would like to thank everyone for support and say that you are awesome! We have achieved such results only due to the active participation of Ukrainians, information support from the team of NGO Zemliachky and the women’s football club Kryvbas, as well as media promotion from celebrities: Olia Poliakova and Olena Kravets.

We have made another step towards victory and we are proud of it! There is more to come. After all, the Ukrainian people are an example of inner strength, unity and invincibility. Only together will we defeat the enemy and return peace and quiet to our homes.