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We did it! UAH 5 million were raised by Aurora and its customers to support the children’s burn unit of the Unbroken Centre

The war, devastating, destroying, and mutilating lives, is underway. We cannot stand aside and wait for better times. We have been always supporting Ukrainians and try to do our best for our common Victory. 

 Today, we are proud of the incredible support of Ukrainians for the Country of Dear Hearts charity event. Its goal was to raise UAH 5,000,000 to repair the Unbroken children’s burn centre in Lviv. And we did it together! 

 Throughout August, September and October, our customers bought promotional stickers with Joykis and words of support. The price of the sticker was reduced to UAH 2 for every UAH 80 spent and for the goods bought from the project sponsors and specified in the receipt, of which we transferred UAH 1 to the fund that takes care of the Centre’s restoration. Stickers could also be purchased alone at the full price of UAH 10. We donated UAH 9 to charity from such sales.

In addition, we placed heart-shaped posters in each store. Everyone could sign and put the stickers. Then our team made one big heart from these posters, which is already decorating the children’s burn unit, supporting and inspiring the children to recover as soon as possible.

It was a very important fundraising, because the burn centre treats hundreds of young Ukrainians affected by the war. We would like to sincerely thank each customer for their support. Because we are strong only if we are together. We can do many good deeds if we are united!