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Liquidation is over! Thanks to you we raised UAH 200,000 for charity

We know you appreciate discounts, so we try to please you with great deals every so often. But even this is not enough for us, so from time to time Avrora is having a clearance sale to please our customers and quickly clear the shelves of the stores for new groups of products.

The multimarket chain’s crazy sale lasted from April to June 2022. The products included socially important items: predominantly household cleaning products, personal care and daily care products.

Discounts on popular items were sometimes as high as 50%. In that time we managed to completely “reboot” the Avrora range of goods. As promised, part of the proceeds from the sale of promotional goods were donated to charity.

Thanks to you and your shopping at Avrora the money box of the Come Back Alive International Charity Fund was replenished with UAH 200,000. You have to agree that it is a lot of money, which will surely help in bringing Ukraine closer to victory.

Thanks to everyone who joined our initiative and bought goods marked for charity. Now we are actively involving new manufacturers from Ukraine and friendly European countries, so that you and your family could receive the best quality goods at affordable prices.

We invite you to visit the shops of our chain. We are confident that you will enjoy the renewed range of goods – there are even more interesting and useful items on the shelves.
Avrora is always there for you in times of trouble. Together we will surely win!

For a report on the transfer of funds, see the link.