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Cash back on purchases of Ukrainian products

The number of goods made in Ukraine increases at Aurora stores every year. We are delighted to cooperate with domestic producers and help them develop. Today, Ukrainian entrepreneurs need more support since they face a lot of challenges.

The visitors to our multimarkets who buy Ukrainian products will get a cash back of 5%. You just need to pay for your purchases with a Visa card from Abank.

Our team developed this project in cooperation with Abank and the Deep Loyalty platform.

We hope that cash back as a nice bonus will be beneficial for our customers, that increased sales will encourage domestic producers to work even better, and that we will support Ukraine’s economy as a whole.

We are grateful for the idea of the project to the economic platform entitled Made in Ukraine, which was recently announced by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.


We wish everyone a pleasant shopping experience at Aurora stores. If you buy what is made in Ukraine, it will be even more pleasant with a cash back of up to 5%.* Ukrainian goods in the sales area are specially labelled on the price tags, near the price tags and in the item card when scanned. Support Ukrainian buying domestic products.


*Subject to payment by Visa card from Abank.