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Cossacks are coming back in Aurora with new adventures, game and charitable purpose

 On September 27, we launched an updated charity initiative Cossacks and Aurora in all stores of our chain. It is intended to raise funds for the reconstruction of Ukrainian schools, since the educational process must continue despite the enemy’s aggression and all attempts to break our spirit. UNITED24, a well-known fundraising platform, has become a partner of the campaign and will ensure that the funds raised are used for their intended purpose. 

We aim not only to raise money for the reconstruction of destroyed or damaged schools, but also to support young Aurora customers with a mobile game about the adventures of the famous Cossacks Hrai, Oko, Tur and their captain Aurora as patriotic entertainment.

To get more opportunities in the game, you need to collect chips with heroes and bring them to life in the mobile app. It is convenient to store the collection of caps in a special tube, which is sold separately and contains rare chips as a bonus. The stores also offer a game guide that will introduce players to the characters, their superpowers and life hacks.

If you want to entertain yourself or your kids when you are shopping at Aurora, be sure to buy a few Cossack chips.

You can get the chip at a promotional price of UAH 2:

·         for every UAH 80 in the cheque;

·         for the purchase of goods from the campaign partners, which have special marks near the price tags.

UAH 1 from each chip purchased at the promotional price goes to rebuild Ukrainian schools.

If you buy the chips at the full price of UAH 10, Aurora will donate UAH 9 to charity.

We remind you that all profits from the sale of chips, collection tubes and game guides will be transferred by Aurora through UNITED24 to rebuild schools. More information about the charity event can be found on our social networking pages and in stores. The Captains TCG mobile game is available on the App Store and Google Play.