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Corporate auctions as an effective tool for engaging employees in charity

Avrora held four charity auctions among its employees over the past few months. The charity lots were gifts from suppliers and partners, and each Avrora employee could offer his/her lot for the auction. A charity auction is a great opportunity to demonstrate corporate social responsibility to employees, partners, and those who need support.

The funds raised during the first two auctions were used to purchase and pack 100 hygiene and home care kits and handed them over to NGO City of Power (Kherson), which distributed the aid to the residents.

The public organization expressed its gratitude: “Thank you so much from everyone who received your kits! They really contained all the essentials. Together to our Victory!”

The funds raised during the first auction in 2023 were spent on purchasing essential goods, such as batteries, candles, flashlights, soap, shower gels, laundry detergents, and hygiene products. All those were donated to Charitable Foundation LIMA, Kramatorsk, which has been operating in the frontline and de-occupied territories and asked us for help. The Foundation’s representatives met with people who evacuated from Bakhmut to Kramatorsk and distributed the kits.

In addition, the residents of Kherson received aid from Avrora’s supplier, BIE GROUP LLC. Microwaves, thermo pots, meat grinders, blankets, and air ionizers were delivered to residents of the Ostriv neighbourhood. This area is under shelling almost every day, but people who need essentials continue to live there.


Our partner BIE GROUP LLC also donated branded blankets and backpacks, which became the main lots at the second corporate auction this year. The funds raised during the auction were used to buy an off-road vehicle for the unit in which an Avrora employee is currently serving. This unit is currently carrying out combat missions in the Donetsk Region.

Together we help and work for our Victory!