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Aurora as a participant of the Forum-Fair “Craft business of Poltava region: uniting for the region’s recovery”

Due to the event, we could exchange ideas, share our successful cases and establish effective ties with the craft business representatives.

  We believe that such fairs contribute to developing and supporting the industry, stimulating the growth of the local economy by increasing demand for local goods and services. This has a positive impact on local business development, employment and promotion of local producers.

  Our Company’s goal is to create a unique craft basket for each customer, so we encourage local producers to cooperate. We cooperate with the regional authorities: we provide information and expert support, as well as the opportunity to sell high-quality goods from local producers in our stores.

  We are confident that this approach will increase the money flow into local budgets by stimulating entrepreneurship in the Poltava region and beyond.

  The initiative was made possible due to the support of the Poltava Regional Military Administration, the Poltava Regional Development Agency "European Integration Office" and Poltava State Agrarian University.