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Hasten our Victory in the information space

Avrora has been working to bring our Victory closer since the first days of the war. We support people with all they need for home and soul, keep prices low, and hold charity events. It’s not the time for us to rest. Today, we want to share with Ukrainians information that will help bring us closer to our cherished goal.

Though most Ukrainians have learnt to use information responsibly after more than a year of struggle, there are still those who fall victim to fakes and manipulations. 

The Mriya ecosystem has been created to fight against the occupiers in the information space. It has united volunteers, the Cyberpolice, and concerned Ukrainians into the largest community. 


You can join the Internet warriors who fight against pro-Kremlin resources every day.  To do this, you need to choose one or more projects from Mriya and be active.


  • StopRussia | MRIYA bot. It receives and verifies information about fake resources in Telegram. It also makes it possible to take part in blocking such resources. The community has already caused more than 50,000 anti-Ukrainian channels to be deleted, and this figure can be multiplied due to your help.
  • StopRussia | MRIYA channel. A community that collects relevant news and materials about cyberhygiene. It is the main means of communication for the MRIYA team members.
  • People’s Avenger bot. The Ukrainians can send information about the movement of the occupiers, the enemy’s equipment, looters or found ammunition to this bot.
  • MRIYA Automatic cloud service. An automatic resource for fighting Kremlin propaganda.
  • The Cats at Arms game. A great entertainment platform if you need to escape from reality and relax while defeating orcs in the cyberworld. The game is free-to-play and ad-free.

Today, you can do good deeds and support your country without even leaving your home. Join and change the world for the better right now. 

Avrora admires everyone who does not stand aside, supports such initiatives, and hasten our Victory. Only together we are invincible!